Product Development

Online Cap Casings/ Covers for Protection & Sanitization

Tha Era Cover is a polyethylene casing that provides protection for the fitted caps or any type of hats, This casing is an accessory for the hats it allows caps to be placed on the wall that's free without any dust touching the hat or even staying in the fabrics of the Hat. This product was developed 10 years ago in a warehouse, I was sweeping the floor for a company named Simpson Strong-Tie, I was talking to a coworker one day and around this time is when 50 cents had come up with the vitamin water. I wanted to take a dumb idea and bring it to life, something brought this thought to my mind for a minute, and then that was it then I decided to write it down and draw it on a piece of paper and bring it to reality where I am watching my dreams come true. I never thought I would have been developing Tha Era Cover Casinc this product took over 10 years to develop and 10 years to get the legal document and legal fees done. Up until this point now we're currently owned by two patents for the product the patents for the US and patents for Canada and currently working on a global patent for Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Tha Era Cover Casinc is the area code that was created by watching my brother-in-law's hats get dust all over them while sitting on the wall of his room, you would notice in the room where his old hats ended and the new caps begin once I noticed that I tried it and I developed a way how to clean and maintain the hats and that was the creation of Tha Era Cover Casinc.

The cap or hat it also maintains and cleans all types of hats with a patented material napkin that would be placed on the inner frame of the cap and on the inner shell of Tha Era Cover Casinc which will allow pressure to be applied to the hats squeezing the napkins allowing the napkins to sanitize desensitize and attract dust dirt salt sweat any particles trapped within the fiber of the cap allowing them to be pulled from within the fibers of the hat and onto the insert napkins allowing them to be store all the dust and dirt and orders within the napkins.

Meanwhile at the same time once you are ready to wear your cap or hat you could just open the casing keep in mind that the air dries the napkins out faster than usual once you remove your cap you can close back the casing so that the napkins don't dry out before it's time.

While sealed back the napkins are preserved for another 30 days or so before you have to replace them with new ones do not keep the casing open this will dry out the napkins faster than usual Tha Era Cover Casinc is a product that is here to protect the cap fitted or any type of hats and it's designed this product was made to maintain the quality assurance of all capsizes and hats sizes

We will allow the customers to come out and look at our pop-up events just to see what they could get a taste of for the next time you buy your cap keep in mind there's a casing that can go for your cap and that would always be there to preserve the integrity of your caps which is called Tha Era Cover.