Tha Era Cover Casinc

Polyethylene Protective Hat, Cap Casings

Our Cases and Covers not only provide Protection but also keep your Hats and Caps Clean. Our Polyethylene Casings are an accessory that allows caps to be placed on the wall without a thumb tack, it also prevents dust build up from on the cap/hat, Tha Era Cover Casing   provides a protection for the fabrics of the Hat/Cap.


Tha Era Cover Casinc

Tha Era Cover Casinc is a team of a family we are structured and based around family we strive to do everything as a family and succeed as a family we welcome our team, clients, partners are all part of our family providing that Tha Era Cover Casinc strives to help as much families as we can within lively goals and lifetime achievements for the little things in life...

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We will be implementing a mandatory no matter what policy where we accept and take full responsibilities for all of our products, waste or non-waste. We accept our products back in good condition or bad condition so we could do our part on the planet Earth and provide a better and safer future for our planet and for our children.

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This product was created to inspirer our next generation about entrepreneurship, when you have a dream focus on the process no matter what.

Protective/ Sanitary Cap Cases & Covers Online

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For the next time you buy your cap, keep in mind there's a casing that can go for your cap and that would always be there to preserve the integrity of your caps which is called Tha Era Cover.

Shipping across Ontario, Canada, USA, Japan, China, Australia, Africa, and Europe.

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